In order to turn around the traditional roles of model - camera - gaze I invited some of the most interesting, clever and beautiful women to come to the studio and pick out their favorite garment. They then had the power to decide on how, when and where to take their portrait, on what images they wanted to make of themselves. This project stretched out over a years time and was finished in the end of 2014. This is the result and what they wanted for us to see.

Thank You:

Annefrid Lundgren
Beatrice Richter Hill
Eva-Maria Andersson
Fridali Lövgren
Iris Smeds
Jennie Johansson
Jelena Rundqvist
Josefin Hinders
Josefin Öhrn
Julia Carldéhn
Kajsa Pontén
Manuela de Gouvela
Nik Timkova
Ottil Songanurninvivolasas
Sara Lundén