Restructional Clothing methodologically recycles used clothing into new designs. Re-using as many parameters as possible of the disposed garment; silhouette, material, pattern construction and whole garments are modified. Restructional Clothing is handcrafted waste-product-design.

When working with rejected clothing, the marks, tears, smell and dust are all indicators of the garment’s history – being close to a body. As materials lasts longer than a fleeting trend, through the act of re-construction, life of the material is prolonged.

In the piece “The archaeology of Restructional Clothing” the de-constructed parts of a pair of trousers make up a schedule of possibilities.

By reassembling the parts as a yard of fabric, a sculpture emerge. The many folds and three dimensional shapes appear as a result of the original cut of the trousers. The act of reassembly creates a continuous piece of fabric which is then ready to once again become a new garment.

Exhibited as a part of FashionPlay at Stationshuset, Stockholm, 2009.